School-aged Child Nutrition

Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks for your kids will keep their energy level up, mood stabilized, and give them more ability to pay attention.  Finding healthy snacks can be a challenge.  Prepackaged snacks are readily available and easy for kids to help themselves to.  Also, when in a rush, it’s much easier for us parents to grab and go.  […]

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The Picky Eater

The picky eater is a child who develops a small repertoire of food that she eats and she manipulates her parents and caregivers into providing only those foods. This does not make her a “bad” child. She’s just been trained by us adults not to explore foods and try different things. There are certainly some […]

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Empty Calories | Your Child’s Nutrition

Empty calories are calories your child consumes that have a poor nutritional quality — also known as “Junk Foods”.  These foods are high in calories with little to no nutritional benefits.  A recent NIH study showed that  nearly 40% of the energy consumed by 2- to 18-year-olds comes in the form of empty calories.  Empty calorie […]

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