MSG Hidden in Our Food

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is hidden in our foods under several namesLook for any of these names on a food label that definitely contain MSG:  

autolyzed yeast extract,

autolyzed yeast,


monopotassium glutamate,

textured vegetable protein or TVP,

calcium caseinate,

glutamic acid,

monosodium glutamate,

yeast extract,

yeast nutrient or yeast food,


hydrolyzed vegetable or plant protein,

sodium caseinate.

MSG may be in the following products either added in or created during the processing of the products:  

soy protein

flavors or natural flavorings

stock, broth, or bouillion

natural chicken, beef, or pork flavoring

enzyme modified


soy sauce


soy protein isolate

malt extract or malt flavoring

barley malt

pectin enzymes



corn starch

citric acid

powdered milk


Why is it important to keep MSG out of your family’s diet?  Dr. Russell Blaylock a neurosurgeon, author, and authority on MSG and aspartame notes that MSG is a very toxic substance to the brain and can be especially harmful to the developing brain of young children and to a developing fetus.   When flavor-enhancing compounds called “free glutamates” (glutamate is an amino acid that is a component of MSG) are added to foods they cause the nerves in the brain to fire very rapidly and fire over and over again.  This stimulation to the brain gets the taste buds all excited and makes the foods taste much better to us.  But this excitement in our taste buds triggers other symptoms too.  MSG can cause a lot of symptoms for some people including:  allergic reactions, flushing, chest pain, facial numbness or pressure, heart palpitations, nausea, weakness, swelling, balance difficulties, asthma attacks, arthritis, depression, sweating, behavior problems in children, and headaches.

MSG is a flavor enhancer that can be found in Chinese foods, baby foods, infant formula, frozen dinners, crackers, salad dressings, canned veggies, soups and processed meats.  Basically any food that is boxed, frozen, canned, or processed can have one of these names on the food label and you should avoid eating it.  The best way to keep toxic substances like this out of your body is to cook from scratch using whole, organic foods as much as possible.

MSG is hidden in our foods.  Play detective when shopping and make sure you read labels!

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