Breastfeeding Newborn Baby | The first days at home

Breastfeeding newborn baby — The first days breastfeeding at home can be tiring and challenging for both parents and your baby. Breastfed infants will continue to feed 8-12 times every 24 hours. Your infant’s stomach still hasn’t stretched too much so smaller, more frequent feedings is normal. At this point mom should be feeling some […]

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Newborn Feeding

Newborn feeding — that first latch to mom’s breast is heart warming!  It’s ideal to have your infant to your breast within the first hour after birth. There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, breastfeeding causes uterine contractions and this can slow down mom’s bleeding after birth. Secondly, bonding is so […]

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Jaundice | Newborn Babies

So what is jaundice anyways and how will it affect your newborn?  Jaundice is a yellow undertone to the whites of the eyes and the skin. All of us break down red blood cells all day long. It’s the liver’s job to take that broken down red blood cell and process it for elimination. Jaundice […]

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