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Welcome to Kids Best Nutrition!

Nutrition is much more than the food that we eat. It includes how food is used and grown or raised, behaviors and mindfulness associated with eating meals, and the social impact of eating and meal sharing. We’ve all heard “You are what you eat!” This is so true. If your child doesn’t get the appropriate, healthy, balanced nutritionalnutrition books intake along with the education and good role modeling from parents regarding wholesome foods, then they won’t be able to function well in school, blossom in relationships, nor live to be a healthy, happy young adult.

In this website you’ll discover:

  • Breastfeeding information
  • How to select healthy foods for your child
  • Tips for getting your child to eat nutritious foods
  • What’s normal for various developmental stages and what’s not typical
  • Strategies for helping your overweight or nutritionally lacking child
  • When to seek outside help

The information contained in this website is not intended to replace the care your child receives from his or her healthcare provider or lactation consultant. It is intended to offer basic information to augment your current health care and to stimulate questions for your healthcare provider. You are encouraged to develop a healthy, strong relationship with your child’s healthcare provider and to follow his or her recommendations for the care of your child.

Each child is unique and should have thorough, individualized health care from a competent provider.
This website information is not intended to replace any care you are currently receiving.