About Sandy Jarvis

Sandy Jarvis

Hi! I’m Sandy Jarvis,

I’m a North Carolina Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant with over 20 years experience.  I want everyone to be the healthiest they can be and truly believe food can be your medicine.  Let me help guide you through each stage of your family’s life

  • From a healthy start I’ll coach you through breast feeding your infant with available on-call services for those sometimes difficult early days and nights at home. There’s no need to leave your home, visits are by phone or telemedicine
  • When it’s time to introduce foods by spoon, I’ll guide you through food introduction and answer your concerns for your child’s reactions to different foods
  • Walking you through that picky eater stage and giving you ways to make sure that picky eater is getting the nutrition he needs while he learns to try and love new foods
  • Food is medicine when your child suffers from constipation, diarrhea, eczema, asthma, irritability, attention problems, and sleep problems. Let me help restore your child’s healthy balance and get off some medications for these problems.
  • When you’ve gotten news that your child has problems such as obesity, underweight, high cholesterol, or pre-diabetes – my experience as a weight management consultant can be a key link to your child’s future health. Let me guide you on that path.

Here’s what some of my patient’s parents have said

“Jarvis, NP was amazing, I recommended my coworker to see her, who was experiencing problems breastfeeding. “

“I have complete confidence in Sandra Jarvis. She does a great job making you feel like you are doing a great job parenting. Sandra is not quick to label a child and does a great job at calming your anxiety regarding your child’s unique behaviors. I have recommended Sandra Jarvis to friends and everyone is completely satisfied with her care. An amazing practitioner; confident, informed on the latest health trends/issues/medical research, intelligent, warm and personable. Thank you, Sandra Jarvis for being an awesome resource for our family!”

“Sandra Jarvis gave us recommendations to help elevate some of our illness symptoms, i.e. eat pineapple. appreciate that it’s not always about medications as remedies. “

“Mrs. Jarvis is great! She spends enough time with us and clearly answers our questions. We love her! “

“Ms. Jarvis is amazing! I’ve never met a more professional and kind provider. She took her time to be sure my daughter was comfortable with the exam, and even examined my daughter’s baby doll first to show my 2.5 year old what was going to happen. I am always thoroughly impressed with Ms. Jarvis’ bedside manner, but she continues to exceed my expectations. My son is due any day now, and there is no question that Ms. Jarvis will be his provider too!”

“Sandra Jarvis is the best. Ms. Jarvis has been seeing my child since she was a couple days old. I like that she is not quick to prescribe medications, she takes time with us during our Appt & explains everything to us. She is a real asset.”

I would love to help your family reach your health and nutrition goals.  Click the appointment button to schedule your time now…

You can visit my sister site for healthy recipes at All Cooked UP.   Let me teach you how to prepare wholesome meals for you and your family in a snap!