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breast feeding supplies top 10Breast Feeding Supplies — Top 10 list — Here it is.  My top 10 breast feeding supplies discovered after many years of consulting with breastfeeding mothers.  Be sure to share your experiences or even create your own Top 10 List of breast feeding supplies.

    1. Co-bedding with your newborns can assist with frequent feedings at night. However, there is some concern about rare accidents that have occurred with a parent rolling over onto their infant, or the infant rolling off the bed or getting caught between the headboard & mattress. A sturdy product that keeps your infant close by, yet separated from mom & dad is the Arm’s Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet.

      1. Arms Reach Co-sleeper Benefitsarms-reach-co-sleeper

      • Have your baby close to you
      • Knowing she/he is safe and only an arm’s reach away
      • Feeding at night you won’t have to get out of bed AT ALL
      • Waking up to that beautiful sleeping face in the morning….priceless!
      • Converts to a free-standing bassinet, play pen or changing table for when baby grows out of the co-sleeper position
      • Holds up to 30lbs as a co-sleeper and up to 50lbs as a play pen

2.  The Summer Rest Assured Sleeper is an in-bed cradle that provides a barrier between you and your infant, but keeps baby close by. Night time feedings are a breeze because you never have to leave the bed. Your little one is completely separated and surrounded yet is right next to you for easy comforting and checking on.  Appropriate for use in a larger queen or king size bed.  It’s portable too — take it with you on vacation!

3.  You’ll find a good supportive pillow for breastfeeding is like a good friend – especially when your infant is younger/smaller. Many moms I work with start off with the Boppy type of pillow for breastfeeding. However, in my experience, it doesn’t provide firm enough support for young infants and they tend to “fall” away from mom’s breast during the feeding. When this happens, the baby looses her latch and can cause pain and damage to mom’s nipple.  My Breast Friend  Pillow works wonderfully for your newborn. It provides firm support for your infant which is very important in keeping a good latch and provides lumbar back support for mom too. My Breast Friend Pillow is available in many types of fabrics and designs to complement your decor.  There’s even a pillow available for tandem feeding twins and one available for traveling!


4. Another product that moms love is the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier . As a mom, it’s a great way to carry your infant (leaves you arms free to either hug your toddler or fold laundry). As a lactation consultant, I see many benefits to increasing a mom’s milkmoby-wrap supply by having your infant skin-to-skin with you. This has been shown to help infants gain weight and maintain their body temperature in the early days of life. You can even breast feed your infant using the Moby Wrap.

5. TheBebe Au Lait Nursing Cover is a convenient solution for discretely breastfeeding your baby in public places. This coverup allows you to easily see your infant while you breastfeed and keeps your breast hidden from others around you. It’s easy to slip on and convenient to use in public. The Bebe allows you to feed your infant on demand and still be able to get your errands completed or have a leisurely lunch out with a friend. The Hooter Hider is another similar product.

6. The Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump is intended for everyday use. This pump does have a closed pumping system which means that milk can not leak into the tubing and then into the pump.  The price is right for this type of pump, but you will have to use your own carrying case — it doesn’t come with one.

7. Medela Micro-Steam Bags – Talk about convenience. You need these bags if you’re pumping at all. The Micro-Steam Bags are very quick and easy to use. When you pump your milk, you’ll wash the pump parts with hot, soapy water and rinse well after each use. Once a day you’ll need to sterilize the pump parts. You can do it the old fashioned way & boil water on the stove or use these super fast microwave steam bags. Clean parts go in the bag with 2 oz of water and 3 minutes later you have sterilized your pump parts! Each bag can be reused up to 20 times.

8. I hate bras!! Especially in the hotter months. The Bravado! Nursing Tank is a great product for warmer climates – the bra isbravado nursing tank built into the tank – or for colder days – just layer it under a button front shirt. Convenient, easy to open for feedings, and comfortable. Try one out and I’m sure you’ll want to add all the colors of the rainbow to your wardrobe.

9. How much room is in your freezer? If you’re pumping a lot of milk then you don’t want to take up precious room in your freezer by storing your milk in bottles. Breastmilk Freezer Packs are the way to go! The Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags allow you to pump right into the bag (no bottle washing!!!!), you zip the bag closed, and put it into the freezer. They hold up to 6 oz per bag.

10. Easy Expression Bustier Hands-free Pumping Bra is perfect for multi-tasking! This product helps keep your hands freeeasy pumping bra while you pump your breastmilk. Without this bra, your hands are holding the pump to your breasts. Pumping times can be 15-30 minutes. The Easy Expression Bustier let’s you eat your lunch, search the internet for more useful breastfeeding info, or lay your infant in your lap and hold her hands. It’s also great for working moms, you can lock your office door, pump your milk and continue working. A wonderful time saver.



Do you have your own Favorite Breast Feeding Supplies?

Help others discover the best breastfeeding supplies for their comfort and baby’s happiness! It’s easy and only takes a moment to share your favorite breast feeding supplies.

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