Do Moms and Dads Drink Wine? “YES”

Kids don’t drink wine, but their parents do sometimes.  And, sometimes they get a wine headache in the morning.  This shouldn’t happen and makes parenting more difficult.  So, if you (parents) are having a glass of red wine for the health benefits and experience a morning headache or you are someone who wants to eat (and drink) organically and as clean as possible…..this information is for you.

Conventionally produced wines can have over 250 added chemicals including mega purple food coloring and GMO processed sugar and the grapes can be exposed to pesticides during the growth cycle. Clean crafted, organic wines do not have these ingredients, the grapes are grown at sustainable and biodynamic vineyards, and they are slow crafted using old-time methods to process the wine from the grapes.

So when you peruse all the wines at the store, how do you know which wines are clean crafted?’  It’s hard to tell.  There is a company that I can support wholeheartedly.   Scout and Cellar is a company from Texas.  The owner of the company is a former lawyer and now sommelier.  She scouts out clean crafted wines from all over the world and offers them thru her company, delivered to your door.  She does the foot work and finds the vineyards and wine making businesses from all over the world that follow all her strict rules for growing grapes and making wine.

If you are interested in finding out more and possibly ordering some wine to be delivered right to your doorstep…

follow this link    Because red wine does have health benefits and no parent should try to parent with a wine headache!

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