Parenting Tips For The Overweight Child

Parenting Tips for the Overweight Child EbookDo you need some parenting tips  to help your overweight child?  Do you want to help your child but just don’t know where to start?  Are you one of many frustrated parents trying to “shop healthy” only to be tricked by clever marketing tactics?  You are not alone in this fight for health.  This book will guide you step by step, giving you parenting tips for the overweight child and family.

One third of the children in the United States are overweight or obese. Most of us know that unhealthy foods, inactivity, and high calorie drinks can be the causes of this epidemic. However, most parents are frustrated and just don’t know where to start to help their child and they encounter resistance from their child, parenting partner, or other adults in their child’s life.

Parenting Tips for the Overweight Child is based on 8 years of professional experience working with families struggling with this issue. In this eBook you will find a step by step approach for parents to follow in an easy to read format with tools and examples parents can utilize to transform their child’s life and health.

Parenting Tips for the Overweight Child — Here’s a peek at the chapter topics:

Choices  –  Conveniences  –  Reconnecting  –  What to discuss with your child’s healthcare provider
Where do you start?  –  Sympathetic Sayings  –  Some “Don’t s”  –  Gettin’ Healthy Family Checklist
What’s to Drink?  –  Beware of empty calories  –  A word about water  –  How to keep Hydrated
How do you get your child more active? –  Activity List A-Z  –  “Screen time/Energy time”
What to do with the picky eater?  –  Using food for comfort or to bribe.
Where & when do you eat your food?  Is your child a part of the family?
Are you actively parenting your child?  –  Skipping meals?
What to buy at the grocery store for meals?  –  What makes a good snack?  –  Healthy Snack Ideas


This eBook provides the necessary steps and resources to help parents provide the environment ideal for helping children (ages 2 years to 11 years) struggling with weight issues.  Don’t wait any longer!  A child’s life and happiness depends greatly on their health.  Parents can help their children grow to their fullest potential by providing a healthy environment to blossom.  Your child is depending on you and we’d love to help you on your family’s path to health.

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