How to make Healthy Kale Chips

Today Griffin is in the Kitchen for Kids Best Nutrition showing us how to make an easy and unexpectedly delicious substitute to unhealthy potato chips.  The unlikely alternative to using potato’s is a leafy green called Kale.  Kale is actually from the cabbage family. It grows much more like a wild cabbage and never forms a tight head. This allows all the leaves of the kale to see more sunlight creating super concentrated vitamins and minerals.  These leaves are typically a dark green or purple color.  You can see how kale stacks up to other leafy greens in this article here.

Now let’s see just how quick and easy this teen can make you some Kale Chips!

Feel free to experiment with different seasonings and let us know below in the comments if you’ve you’ve discovered something that makes your Kale Chips extra special.

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