Increase Breast Milk Supply | Reglan and Domperidone

Increase breast milk supply with medications like Reglan and Domperidone.  Many moms want to know how they can increase breast milk supply using prescription medications.  Once you’ve exhausted all other ways to increase your breast milk supply, then you may need to use one of these medications to assist you.  Reglan (Metoclopramide)  and Domperidone ( Motilium™)  are two prescribed medications that can increase a mom’s milk supply. The actual purpose of these medications is toreglan domperidone empty the stomach quickly for people experiencing nausea and vomiting and to help people who have a low gastric tone and slow emptying of the stomach.  Reglan at times is prescribed to pregnant women for  nausea & vomiting.  As a secondary effect, these medications suppress the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is a prolactin inhibitor.  This allows increased prolactin levels which in turn increases a mom’s milk supply.  Reglan and Domperidone will only work to increase breast milk supply if a mom’s prolactin levels are low to begin with.

Increase Breast Milk Supply with Reglan

Reglan is an FDA approved medication for the purpose of treating nausea & vomiting and as a gastrointestinal stimulant . The use for increasing milk supply is an off-label use — which means the FDA hasn’t approved it for this purpose.

One way to dose Reglan for lactation is a 10mg tablet 3 times a day for 7 days, then 1 tablet twice a day for 2 days, then one tablet once a day for 2 days. Possible side effects include nervousness, depression symptoms, muscle tremors, and fatigue.

Increase Breast Milk Supply with Domperidone

Domperidone is also prescribed for nausea & vomiting and for improved gastric motility.  As a side effect it can increase a mom’s milk supply by increasing prolactin levels.  One of the main benefits of domperidone compared to Reglan is that it does not cross the blood-brain barrier, therefore it does not tend to cause the side effects (drowsiness, depression, muscle tremors) that Reglan can potentially produce.  Some possible side effects with domperidone are headache (which usually resolves when the dosing is lowered), abdominal cramping, dryness in the mouth, and a change in menstruation.   However, Domperidone is not FDA approved in the US and must be obtained through a compounding pharmacy or through an online source.  One concern the FDA has with Domperidone is that in IV form (which is not the way it’s administered to breast feeding moms) the drug can cause cardiac problems.  Therefore, women with cardiac problems probably should not use this medication for lactation.  This medication in pill form is prescribed in Canada and the United Kingdom.  One way to dose this medication for lactation use is one 20mg tablet four times a day for 2  – 8 weeks.

Be sure to work with a lactation consultant if you suspect your supply is low.  Sometimes making a few changes to your feeding or pumping routine can increase the supply without the need for medications.  However, there are some situations that warrant medications to increase breast milk supply.  Reglan and Domperidone can help to increase breast milk supply.



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